Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy New Year!

Well here we are just a few days into 2015. It seems to me that November/December went by pretty quick. There was so much going on, and things to do, time just flew. That all slowed down today thanks to the snow that finally hit late this afternoon. It got me out of work early (we closed down at 7 pm) tonight so I won't complain.

Thanks to Targets video game clear out I picked up another Wii-U system. We had got one at/near launch, but lack of games and an awesome trade in offer made it easy to give up. Now I just need to figure out where my copy of ZombiU is, and hope that my flash drive game save works.

This year I'm going to update more frequently (once every 3 months on average shouldn't be hard to beat!) at least that's the plan.

I finally got around to seeing Fury Tuesday night. I'm not the biggest fan of war movies in general, but I do have a few that I enjoy. Fury was pretty good, it follows an American tank crew during World War II as they move through Germany with a new green soldier added to the crew. **1/2