Monday, December 19, 2005

TV Reality endings...

Well two of my favorite shows finished last week The Amazing Race, and Survivor. I was pleased with the outcome on TAR as I was rooting for the Linz family. It would have been okay if the Bransen's had won too, but since they all 4 have free gasoline for life how much will they save over the course of their lives? I will state frankly that if the Weaver's had won I would have boycotted the show! Not likely, but I'm sooo happy they came in 3rd. :) Plus we got teasers for the next season which starts up again in February!

Survivor on the other hand I was a little bit disappointed. I would have liked to seen Rafe win the million, but glad it did turned out that Danni won (she's from KC what's not to like) over Stephanie. I realize that the 'stunt casting' is to draw in viewers, and I do like Stephanie but you had your shot (and a worthless tribe the first go around) but move on.

Animal Crossing pt. 2, and Xbox 360 demos...

Well I finally got the hang of building a correctly proportioned snowman (it seems the trick is to make one snowball as big as possible, then the second one so it comes up to your characters chin). I have gotten two snowman furniture items so far the couch, and wardrobe. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what the third one is. I did screw up the other day putting the big snowball on top so he was upside down, and just a little peeved. :) I did win the fishing tournament Sunday with a 45.1" Sea Bass, and have a nice trophy now in my house to commemorate it.

The January issue of the Official Xbox Magazine is out and includes a hybrid XBox/360 disc, on the 360 side demos include King Kong, Kameo, and Full Auto. While I appreciate the approach the King Kong, and Kameo demos are readily available to play on the demo kiosk not to mention the Kameo demo is available through the XBox Live Marketplace. In the magazine there is a FFXI article that says the U.S. OXM will also have the FFXI Beta in an upcoming issue. There has been some new stuff added to the Marketplace (it's been a while since I checked) a Mission Impossible 3 trailer, Lost Continent 360 game trailer, and a FIFA playable demo.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

KONG! and more Nintendo Animal wildness...

Well I used my day off to go see KING KONG today. The visual effects were awesome, a couple shots had that fake look, but overall it was stunning. On the other hand with a running time of ~3 1/2 hours I thought it ran a little long. Of course it didn't make a dent in the back log of movies I need to see. :(

I've had 4 new animals move into my town, bringing my total up to 8. I still haven't built a snowman right he's always not "proportioned" correctly. At first I though my town would be full of them because they were still there a day later, but they seem to melt away after 2~3 days. Redd was in town today, and he sold me a counterfeit painting, hopefully my insurance will pay for it.

I called Nintendo Sunday evening about my daughter's NDS, and they offered to fix it free even though it was out of warranty (Yay!). They sent out a pre-paid UPS label, and said it would take 5-7 days to be repaired.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Animal Crossing ramblings...

Well I've had some time to play around with AC:WW DS, and I can say it's pretty close to the Gamecube version. It has that same 'feel' which is a good thing, and they made some minor improvements here & there.

I had another animal move into my town, Snake (although she looks like a rabbit). Anyhoo friend info is below if you want to add me to your list, and don't forget to post yours.

Native Fruit=Peaches

Here is my current population...

My daughter also got a copy but unfortunately the wi-fi doesn't seem to be working on her DS so she can't do DS<>DS, or a Nintendo Wi-fi Connection. I checked Nintendo's web site and wouldn't you know the 1 year warranty ran out on 11/30/05 (this would be about right because it was my original launch unit). I'm still going to give them a call and see what they'll do about it, as I've heard really good things about their service/support.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Holy news bites Batman, and other ramblings...

Well it seems as if issue 4 of the UK magazine OXM360 is going to have a second cover DVD, that will include a full beta of Final Fantasy XI. No word on if the US version of OXM will include the same, or if the UK one will be region free and playable on a US 360?

According to this Japanese site there was a launch line in Japan for the Xbox 360. Reading through the babel fish translation the first guy in line got there 20 hours ahead of launch (7am 12/10/05) to snag himself a shiny new 360!

It seems as though all of the Tom Clancy Xbox games are now on the backwards compatibility list, this includes the Splinter Cell's, Ghost Recon's, and Rainbow Six games.

Well I finally picked up Animal Crossing : Wild World today for my NDS, and I have finished all the odd jobs for Nook. I've done a little fishing, and tried to raise some bells to pay off my house. My battery must have not had too much of a charge left as AC:WW warned me that it was low and I should save my game soon. I guess they didn't think I would notice the blinking lights, then the solid red one on the DS. :)
My town only has 3 animals right now, Egbert (Chicken), Butch (Dog), and Friga (Penguin). I thought in the GC version your town started with 4, but its been a while so that may be incorrect.

Monday, December 05, 2005


My grandma passed away last night at the age of 99. She had been in declining health for the last 3 months, but now I can take comfort that she's in a better place. I'll miss you.

Hazel Belle H.
Born: August 12, 1906
Died: December 5, 2005

Saturday, December 03, 2005

360 launched again, and other tidbits.

Friday marked the European launch of the Xbox 360 which was marked with high prices, and more pre-orders than units available. Hmmm. Are we noticing a trend? has a launch article up which pretty much mirrors our own. It was reported that the European launch got 300,000 units I don't remember how this compared to ours, but that's not a lot of 360's. :( Next week Japan will see it's launch, but I wonder how many systems they'll get. Surely they know that it won't sell as well in Japan, but I predict pictures of units sitting on the shelf there.

The Mercury News blog reports that apparently some Best Buy's had overzealous managers that forced bundles on consumers during the US launch here.

I've been playing a little Mario Kart DS, and although I'm not too good in multiplayer its kinda fun. My friend code is 244873-130950 for those that want to add me to their list (post yours here in a reply so I can add you to mine). Oh, and if Miklotov happens to read this, Michelle wants your friend code if you ever get wireless hooked up. :)