Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Doctor, we have a pulse he's waking up...

Wow. Did not realize it had been that long since my last post, thought about posting 2-3 times but kept putting it off, or something else would come up.

I've updated my sidebar with my 'summertime' TV viewing (although Monk, and Psych are still a couple weeks away) habits. I caught a preview of Burn Notice that starts this week on USA, and looks pretty good so I'll give it a shot.

Some of those missed post I talked about above were movie updates for Surf's Up (good), Shrek the Third (so-so), and Knocked Up (really good). Today though I saw Live Free, Die Hard, and I must say fanfreakintastic! It easily elevated itself towards the top of 'my favorite' list, I'm a big Die Hard franchise fan mostly, I really liked the first two, three was okay but didn't grab me the same way as the first two (not to say I haven't seen it quite a few times though). I don't even know if WOW can cover it, this movie has some of the best stunts and action sequences I've ever seen. I laughed when I seen the trailer originally because I felt that Bruce was getting a little to old to play boyscout (particularly since he was so convincing as a washed up has been in 16 Blocks (another excellent flick)) and seeing they were trying to mix in some younger blood with Justin Long (Accepted, Jeepers Creepers, and Galaxy Quest) I thought maybe John McClane wouldn't be all of the focus, but I'm happy to say he is, and I bought every part of it. I've seen Hollywood take a fancy with Hong Kong style 'acrobatic' action pieces like the opening crane scene in Casino Royale, and Live Free has two sandwiched close to the beginning, and the end. Which in my book is a good thing as both reminded me of watching older Jackie Chan movies.

The previews on Live Free were also added to the experience, War, starring Jet Li and Jason Statham both of which are great action stars. Rush Hour 3, and Simpsons the movie both look great too although I've seen the trailers before. I also caught the trailer for Hitman, now I've played a little bit of the games, but the trailer just didn't grab me.

On the 360 front this was actually a pretty big release week (although 3 of the titles were movie adaptions) Darkness looks really good, but they pushed the demo back until after the game ships and I'd really like to try it first. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually kinda like the Harry Potter game, we got to play it early at work on the Wii and I enjoyed it. I started playing the 360 version today, and I can say that I *really* enjoy casting with the 360 controller rather than the Wiimote. Certain spells I just couldn't get the Wiimotion down on and it frustrated me pretty quickly. Speaking of which I tried out Call of Juarez the other day and either I was missing something or the level design was really unforgiving. It would tell me not to do something (say avoid these people) then 10 seconds later it would happen. It looked really good, but I got frustrated really quick I didn't get a chance to try the multiplayer so maybe it wasn't all bad. Everybody seems to hate Vampire Rain the weird Splinter Cell/Resident Evil hybrid, but I really enjoyed the couple levels I played in the demo. It's actually on my list of things to pick up, especially if I could find a good deal on it.

I had to force some days off this week otherwise I would have lost some vacation days, so I'm heading to KC for a day. Dave & Busters for lunch, and a stroll through Nebraska Furniture Mart, plus some tooling around KC. I'll report back.