Friday, March 25, 2005

PSP thoughts, DS magazine

Okay first off the PSP hit the market yesterday. I didn't get one personally because of the price, value pak stuff that I didn't want or need, and the fact that only one game stood out as something I would play (Untold Legends). After looking at them yesterday for a bit, I will say they are really sexy handhelds. I have watched Lumines being played and it looks cool (I'm a puzzle game junkie), as does the fore mentioned Untold Legends. I just can't bring myself to pay $250 for a handheld gaming system, considering I didn't get an Xbox till they were $200, and a PS2 until they were $150.

I guess maybe it boils down to I'm not a big early adopter in the console arena, the original PlayStation, Nintendo Gamecube, and the DS are the only units I've ever bought at launch. I'll probably pick up a PSP when one of the following conditions is met, I find a used one for ~$200, Sony drops the value pak and sells the unit by itself, or some awsome game is announced that I just have to play. Out of those I'm guessing the first will be met sooner than the other two, I don't look for a unit only solution until Christmas time.

On another note I found a site ( where the guy puts out a DS magazine (in .pdf format). He just put up issue #2, and I've read through it and enjoyed it. He reviews about 7 games, including imports so take a look.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Video game musings

I picked up Yoshi's Touch & Go today for the DS, and I'm really enjoying it a lot. It is one of those games that you can just pick up and play for a couple minutes, or get engrossed in, and keep trying to beat that last score.

I've also been getting really pumped for this year's E3 Expo. I went last year for the first time, and was overwhelmed by it all. I did gain some valuable experience last year, so this year should be a breeze. I spent too much time wandering around, and didn't actually get as much hands-on play time as I would have liked. I'm thinking that this year there will be some big news (especially in the hardware area) like Xbox 2, the GBA successor, Nintendo Revolution, and hopefully lots of playable upcoming DS games (Animal Crossing!).
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