Thursday, April 19, 2018

My adventure with MoviePass.

Welcome to my adventures with MoviePass. I first heard about MoviePass way back in November 2012 (Yes 2012, wasn't that a movie?). It was an invite only "beta" service back then, and pricing ranged from $19.99-$34.99 per month ($19.99/month here in Wichita when I checked). The way it works is you check-in at a supported theater in the app, choose the movie you want to see, and the MoviePass card is funded with the amount of the show. You proceed to the box office and purchase your ticket with the MoviePass card. The limitations are it can only be used once a day, only 2D shows, and no special presentations. I remember having a couple discussions back then with my friend about the worthiness of the service. We almost exclusively go to movies at the Old Town Warren on Wednesday for the $5 special, so seeing 1 movie a week only justified the cost, but wasn't really a benefit to me.

Fast forward to January this year. My friend brought it up again after he talked to someone he works with, saying they had lowered the price to $10 a month, and his colleague was using it. At that price it became a more attractive idea, letting me see 2 movies a month free just paying for the other 2. I started doing more research searching forums, and reddit for more information about the service. I found that here in town the Warren East is not an supported theater, but the Palace West and Movie Machine had been added to the supported list. Fast forward to February and the Wichita Eagle had an article about the service stating the monthly fee had dropped to $7.95, although you had to sign up for a year.

So around the first week of March I decided to take the plunge. $7.95 a month plus a $9.95 processing fee for a year totaling $105.35 (or $8.78 monthly). Signed up online, and while the wait for the card was supposed to be 2 weeks, it showed up in about 5 days. The first month I had the card I went to Red Sparrow, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Game Night, and Ready Player One spending $18.89 on tickets. One of those was at the Palace West (Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle) little did I know it would be the last thing I ever seen there. The best one last month was Jumanji. I went in thinking it was a remake not realizing it was actually a sequel. Ready Player One would be a very close second just because there are so many pop culture references I'm sure I probably missed some.

Now that the Northrock 14 is open again under the AMC banner, I'm anxious to see how long it takes to be added to the supported theater list. I would also like to see the Warren East supported again as they seem to get more indie/art films, which I think would be a perfect option with MoviePass since I would more willing to take a chance on something.

So we'll see what next month holds.