Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chibi Robo, movies, KC and more...

I recently tried out a Chibi Robo (GameCube) demo the other day after work, and I must say it was kinda strange but in a good way. It has a very "Japanese" gameplay vibe to it. I had checked it out before release, but came away thinking that it sounded kinda stupid, and it didn't sell very well so I didn't pay much attention to it. I mean who wants to play a game where you clean the house, and cook? After trying the demo though I think it might kinda fun, I just wish it wasn't priced at $49.99. If it had been released at $19.99 I think a lot more people may have given it a chance. Now I'm on a mission to find a cheaper used one somewhere, because we know Nintendo doesn't drop prices on their first party titles very quick. :(

Didn't post about them, but I did go see a few movies a couple weeks ago. Trying to catch up on some. Not working at the theater anymore I don't keep up on everything coming out, it's not like I see the previews 20~30 times a week anymore. Anyway I caught The Shaggy Dog, She's the Man, and 16 Blocks in my catch up attempt. The Shaggy Dog was great, I'm a big fan of Tim Allen anyway so it was really easy to like.

I didn't think I was going to like She's the Man as much as I did. I know I'm nowhere near the target audience (12-18 female??), and I had even mentioned when I first caught the preview that it looked like a remake of Just One of the Guys (1985). The stories did have a lot in common, seemed like they just changed the setting. This wasn't a bad thing though as I laughed a lot during the movie (as did the other guy in the auditorium (not part of the target demo either)). If you have never seen Just One of the Guys, rent it. It's a cheesy 80's flick, but one of my favorites.

Then I finally got around to watching 16 Blocks, it was almost ready to leave the theater so it's probably 2nd run by now. I had caught previews of this one, and probably came to the conclusion most of you had that Bruce Willis is getting kinda old to be an action hero. I was relieved a bit when it started, and behold here is Willis playing an old drunk, dried up police officer (which he does very convincingly!). Turns out that this was really good. I think Willis was great, and this is an above average police drama/thriller. I had wanted to see Firewall when it was out also, but never got around to it. I will probably check it out when it hits DVD, and see which one I like better.

I made a quick trip up to Kansas City Thursday afternoon. Went up to help a friend pick up a rear projection TV he bought on eBay. Didn't really have a lot of time to do too much, ate at Rainforest Cafe because another friend wanted to, (it's a little on the expensive side, especially for lunch) but the food was really good. Stopped in at Isle of Capri casino (I lost $5.00). I don't know what it is about the casinos in KC, but I just don't get that "betting fever" that I feel in Vegas. We had some extra time before we could pick up the set, so we decided to waste some time at the mall. The mall we happened to be close to was Great Mall which it turns out is one of the worst malls I think I've every been to. Stores you've never heard of, and some of the ugliest carpet/decor I've ever seen. I found out the next day that I guess it started as an outlet mall then tried to make the transition to a "real" mall later in life. It failed, pretty badly.

I heard today that Miklotov got an Xbox 360, and he picked up Oblivion. Imagine my surprise when I came home tonight and found a friend invite on LIVE. :P