Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the road again...

Well time for my whirlwind trip through 5 states in 5 days again. We just entered Texas a couple minutes ago, the GPS isb saying we'll be to Houston by 4:17 but that's not counting, Fry stops. :)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Everyone's doing it, Attention!, and 3D...

Found the following video, which evidently has been deemed too explicit for TV airing. It's a commercial, and I'll bet not for what you think. :)

I spent a couple days last week in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO for a basic training graduation. It sets almost smack dab in the lower middle of Missouri coupled with the town of St. Roberts, MO. almost 90 miles from Springfield, and 130 miles from St. Louis. The base seemed larger than McConnell, although probably because it was spread out and situated in the woods. The town of St. Roberts on the other hand seemed to be home to a lot of clubs, bars, and tattoo parlors spread out along the highway.

I found the new Samsung 3D TV was hooked up at Sears the other day so I thought I would try it out. It took a while before it dawned on me that the 3D glasses had to be turned on to function. :) They were playing Monsters Vs. Aliens (part of the starter kit you have buy, 2 pairs of glasses, and the blu-ray 3D version of the movie) on the TV. I didn't see MvA in the theaters so my only 3D experience is with Bob's Big Break short that was on the current blu-ray release and uses the magenta/green glasses at home. Once I turned the glasses on it was pretty stunning and showed a expansive amount of depth, since I hadn't seen it theatrically I don't know if it was a faithful recreation or not. I did notice some characters had a "halo" around them and guess this was probably caused by the viewing angle, something it seems would be a limiting factor at home, like there would be maybe two/three prime viewing locations? That starter kit I mentioned (2 glasses/MvA movie) runs $349.99 although it seems most retailers will give it to you free if you buy a new 3D HDTV, and the 3D blu-ray player. There have been reports that the PS3 will be upgradable (via firmware) to 3D blu-ray capabilities at some time in the future so I'm in a wait and see pattern for now. I found it interesting that COX is actually devoting an HD channel to showing the Masters in 3D right now, if you have one of the two TVs to view it on.