Friday, December 16, 2011

Club Nintendo - Order Complete

Club Nintendo started offering digital downloads for coins, and says they will be changing them out monthly according to the website.

Club Nintendo - Order Complete

Club Nintendo - Order Complete

Monday, December 05, 2011

Tap, tap.... Is this thing on??

Hey what's up? I'm going to assume a lot since August 10th, since that was just shy of 4 months ago. :)

Let's see probably the biggest thing was the indoor wading pool in my basement, #!$*%@! sump pump. You never realize how much furniture and stuff you have until you have to move it all somewhere else.

I went to watch the K.C. Chiefs lose to Miami back in early November. I joked with one of my friends that I need to quit going to games, because every time I go they lose. I can't remember the last game I was at when they won, it had to be sometime before that 2009 Colts playoff game...

The people I worked for at the Haunted Island (Watson Park 2008/2009) opened again this year at a new location (Kellogg & Tyler) with a new name Moudre (you can probably google some news stories about it). I was there every weekend in October and found that an indoor "haunt" is really different from an outside location, but it was pretty cool and we didn't have to worry about the weather.

I actually did some black Friday shopping this year hitting Toy's R Us at 9pm, and then shuffling over to Wal-mart just after 10pm. We got to TRU ~30 minutes before 9pm and the line was down to Famous Footwear. I began thinking this may have been a bad idea, especially after hearing 'horror' stories from people in line about a couple years prior. I was impressed though with their setup and we were in and out (with everything we wanted) in just over 15 minutes. Since we got to Wal-mart a little after 10pm (10:20ish) I think we lucked out and missed most of the crazies. It took longer to check out at Wal-mart, but we found almost everything we wanted. I got lucky and picked up a few other items early from, and before Thanksgiving.

I finally picked up the Gears of War 360 bundle (look back in June's post) after finding a good deal. If you've talked to me you probably know I'm not a fan of the Gears series, but it is one sweet looking 360. It has the added bonuses of more storage (320GB vs. 120GB), and N based wireless (of course the next thing on the agenda will be a new router). Not to mention I can ditch the kinect power cord, added USB ports, and custom sounds (!). Not being a fan of the series I'm not even sure what the eject sound is(?), and it seems really quiet (I don't think I ever heard the Halo Reach custom sounds so I have nothing to compare it to). I was really looking to upgrade my PS3 also (my 60GB is cramped) with the 160GB slim holiday bundle everyone had for $200, but just couldn't swing it after getting the 360.

Speaking of consoles Oct-Nov were nuts with big name game releases this year. Right now I'm playing a lot of Modern Warfare 3, and Skylanders (shock!). I'm pretty sure I snickered at the Skylanders exhibit at E3 this year, and here I am playing the heck out of it. If you like old school Spyro (PS1 era) games you'll enjoy this. I was assuming it was just a cash grab from Activision putting out a $70.00 game with $8-$20 add-ons, which it sort of is, but if you go in knowing you can finish the game with what's included in the box it's not as bad. Now if you want to 100% the game/achievements you'll need at least 5 other characters (to cover all 8 elemental types seeing as you only get 3 in the box), but look at it this way your buying 'dlc' but getting something tangible to show for it. The other positive is I think this stuff has been on sale more than it's been regular price the starter pack has been $50, and the figures have been $5 or B1G1 free a lot. Now let's not talk about Batman Arkham City, Rage, Elder Scrolls:Skyrim, or Saints Row 3 that I haven't even opened yet...

I think that about does it, except for movies and TV updates. Movies I'd have go back and look at foursquare to see what I've seen, and TV right now (at least until last week...damn split seasons) was The Walking Dead season 2.